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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Class Tuition

Annual Enrollment fee- $30.00 per family - due each August.  Plus...

$70.00 per month for one class. (Class meets once a week).
$40.00 per month to add a second class or a sibling.
$30.00 per month to add a third class or sibling.

Cheer Teams start at $99.00 - per month.
A bank card will be run the last Thursday of each month for tuition for the upcoming month.

Recital package- $180  includes costume, recital fees for both shows, free admission for all family and friends, accessories, props, music and choreography.  Due  by Sept. 30th.

Pay for the whole year upfront - 10% discount.
Private lesson $30.00 per ½ hour paid directly to instructor.
Two "Twinkle Star" friends, backstage and ready for their curtain call.