Praise His Name With Dance! Ps. 149:3

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What's So Special About our Classes?
We use music, moves, and dress that are modest and respectful for growing young ladies, yet colorful, fun and funky!

Our Program is so popular because it includes tumbling, trampoline, dance, and cheer, all in one class! This is a program we developed because we believe girls should have the opportunity to learn the basics of everything!

Our dance room is the same size as the Noblesville High School stage! Our spring tumbling strip is olympic length! We also have a tumble trak trampoline and a primary gymnastics area.

Sparks, Blaze, Flames, and Flyers are advanced groups that you can audition for.
We take pride that our classes and recitals to fit into family budgets. Get it all at Farber's!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

TO ENROLL email or visit the studio

Office hours Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings 4:30-7:30,  Thursday 5:00-7:30
LOCATION  Across the street (St. Rd. 32) from Pizza Hut. In the Noblesville West Marsh Plaza, behind Papa Murphy.

Recital Dates:  
Wednesday June 18th 6:30 (rehearsal Tuesday 17th)  Westfield High School

2013-14 Schedule-Email to check availability

Listed are classes with possible available spots.  Please email to get the latest updates.

 AGE 3.5 - 4  (dance/tumble combo class) “TWINKLE STARS”
MONDAY 6:15-7:00

TUESDAY afternoon 1:00-1:45

K-1st grade (dance/tumble/cheer combo class) “GLITTER STARS” 
TUESDAY 6:45-7:35

(dance/tumble/cheer combo class) "POP STARS"
TUESDAY 5:30-6:20
WEDNESDAY 7:00-7:50

GRADES 4, 5, 6 (dance/tumble/cheer combo class) “STARS”
MONDAY 7:00-8:00
TUESDAY 4:15-5:15

THURSDAY 6:00-7:00 (advanced)

7th grade - UP (dance/tumble/cheer combo class) “JUNIORS”
MONDAY 7:00-8:00
TUMBLING (age 9- up or approved)
WEDNESDAY 4:15-5:00
WEDNESDAY 5:00-5:45
THURSDAY 4:15-5:00
THURDSAY 7:00-7:45

(age 8-18 must have kickover, roundoff, 30 second handstand with wall)
THURSDAY 4:15-5:00
SATURDAY 10:45-11:30

WEDNESDAY 5:00 or 5:30-5:55

THURSDAY 5:00-5:50

JAZZ AGE  9 - UP- Intermediate
SATURDAY 10:00-10:45

BALLET TECH AGE 9 - UP -Intermediate
WEDNESDAY 4:30-5:15


WEDNESDAY 4:00-4:30

SPARKS  (must qualify) grade 2 and 3
MONDAY 5:45-7:00

BLAZE  (must qualify) 5th grade
MON 4:15-5:45

FLAMES  (must qualify) grades 6 and 7
TUESDAY 6:30-8:00

FLYERS (must qualify)
SATURDAY 11:15-1:00


Annual Enrollment fee- $30.00 per family - due each August.  Plus...
$55.00 per month for one class. (Class meets once a week).
$32.00 per month to add a second class or a sibling.
$25.00 per month to add a third class or sibling.
Tuition is due before each month begins.   If paying after the 1st day of the month add $10.00.

Recital costume- $60.00- worn for both shows.

Recital fee- $40.00 for Christmas, and $40.00 for June.

Pay for the whole year upfront and receive one month free. (Receive 11 months for the price of 10)

Sign up for automatic withdrawal and save.

Private lesson $30.00 per ½ hour paid directly to instructor.

Monday, July 18, 2011

What to Wear To Class

HAIR - Our of face, off of shoulders, no plastic or metal that could hurt scalp.

Girls ... please wear a leotard to class. AND please also wear shorts or sweats over your leotard.

We dance barefooted.  No TIGHTS unless they are "convertible" and pull up off the foot.  Some advanced classes require ballet slippers. Ask teacher.  If, split sole, leather.

Tap shoes - oxford style (lace up) Black. Make sure they are fairly stiff soled and heavy so you can balance on your toe. Don't get them too big because that makes it really hard to make the correct tap sounds. Make sure the heels don't slip when walking. We can check them before you wear them.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RECITALS - December and June

Wednesday June 18th 6:30 
(rehearsal Tuesday 17th)  Westfield High School

You order your costume in the fall and wear it for both recitals.

There is a recital fee for each show of $40.00.(per family)  Admission is FREE.  No Tickets!

We have a professional photographer come in. (purchase is optional)