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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Monday, April 4, 2016

Recital Fun (Sunday) December 11and June 21,22,23 (Wed, Th, Fri)

All of our students get invited to perform in the recitals, and trophies are given at the June show to all performers.  A super way to cap off a year of fun and growing.  Our students purchase their costume in the fall and get to wear it to the Christmas show too. How's that for a good value, Mom?  We love to perform and we love to be thrifty.  Also recital is the best way to see what the advanced girls are doing.  Very inspiring for young beginners.  Admission is free so bring family and friends.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Enroll Now

Email, call, or visit during office hours. 
Monday thru Thursday 5:30-7:30
Phone 773-7300

LOCATION  Across the street (St. Rd. 32) from Pizza Hut. In the Noblesville West Marsh Plaza, behind Papa Murphy, next to Maria's.

About us: Farber's is a Fliptastic Fusion of Dance- Cheer- Gymnastics!


Most girls have a difficult time choosing to take classes in gymnastics, dance, or cheer.  Well, at Farber's, she won't have to choose!  We do it all in one class.  We developed this popular program because there is so much overlap for kids in the "sports arts".  

This also helps with the family budget because it saves you money! Plus we have the best family discount in Noblesville. 

Our students become well-rounded and ready to do anything from school cheer, to dance team, to show choir. Farber's is the smart choice.

You can trust that we respect the integrity of our students by using dance moves and costumes that are modest. Our music is positive and uplifting. We often use christian music for ballet, especially for the Christmas show.
Just want to tumble? We have that too. Sign up to get your backhandspring, tuck, or twist.

Our dance room is the size of the Noblesville High School stage. Our spring tumbling strip is olympic length for power tumbling. We also have a tumble trak, trampoline, balance beam, and bars. 

Our award winning competition groups are dance/acro just like the TV show "Dance Moms". But in a much more healthy and happy environment.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Costume Checklist


Pink costume
Bow included with costume
Some girls are doing forward rolls so a bun or a single pony tail is not recommended.  We do  recommend "1/2 up" hair for those girls.  
Bare feet

Bow included with costume.  Your choice of hair style.
Bare feet

Bow included with costume.  Your choice of hair style.
Bare feet

Hair piece included with costume.  Your choice of hair style.
Bare feet 

Bow included with costume.  Your choice of hair style.
Bare feet

Gold leotard
Gold skirt
Gold/black bow.  High ponytail if you can, so bow can be seen from front.  1/2 up is also fine.
White shoes.  Lightweight and bendy.  Low "no show" white socks.

JAZZ -Tuesday
Red costume
Black capris pants
Barrette for hair
Your choice of hair style.  Out of face.

TAP Tuesday
Green fringe top
Black ankle length leggings
Black no show socks
Black tap shoes
Your choice of hair style.  Out of face.

Blue top
Black shorts
Bow.  High pony tail so bow can be seen from front. Make pony tail then add bow elastic also.
White shoes.  Lightweight and bendy.  Low "no show" white socks.

Pink flame leotard
Silver skort
Cheer bow.  High pony tail so bow can be seen in front. Make pony tail then add bow elastic also.
White shoes.  Lightweight and bendy.  Low "no show" white socks.

Green costume
Company Shoes
Your choice hair style.  Out of face.

Purple and white costume 
White sports bra (we provide)


Friday, June 6, 2014

Birthday Party Time!

Have Your Party At


Jump for Joy!

Your group gets the gym all to yourself (with our staff).
We jump on tramps, learn some gymnastics, and play games. 
You bring treats.  (cupcakes and drink boxes are easiest) bring any special party plates, napkins and cups if you want them. 

Parties last - 1 hour 15 min. to 1 1/2 hour.

$150.00 (for up to 8 kids)  $5.00 each additional child.

Schedule your party at our front office with a $50.00 deposit. 

Send us an email at for scheduling or questions. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Class Tuition

Annual Enrollment fee- $30.00 per family - due each August.  Plus...

$68.00 per month for one class. (Class meets once a week).
$34.00 per month to add a second class or a sibling.
$30.00 per month to add a third class or sibling.

Cheer Teams $90.00 per month.
A bank card will be run the last Thursday of each month for tuition for the upcoming month.

Recital package- $180  includes costume, recital fees for both shows, free admission for all family and friends, accessories, props, music and choreography.  Due  by Sept. 30th.

Pay for the whole year upfront - 10% discount.
Private lesson $30.00 per ½ hour paid directly to instructor.
Two "Twinkle Star" friends, backstage and ready for their curtain call.

Monday, July 18, 2011

What to Wear To Class

HAIR - Our of face, off of shoulders, no plastic or metal that could hurt scalp.

Girls ... please wear a leotard to class. AND please also wear shorts or sweats over your leotard.  Or wear a top tight enough that is stays down when you go upside down.

We dance barefooted.  No TIGHTS unless they are "convertible" and pull up off the foot.  Some advanced classes require dance shoes. Ask teacher.

Tap shoes - oxford style (lace up) Black. Make sure they are fairly stiff soled and heavy so you can balance on your toe. Don't get them too big because that makes it really hard to make the correct tap sounds. Make sure the heels don't slip when walking. We can check them before you wear them.
One of our Jasmine Princesses for recital '13. A dance/tumble routine.