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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Welcome to Farber’s !
Developing Strength & Grace Ps.118:14 is the best way to communicate with us.  

Instagram– farbersflip   
Facebook weather closings, photos, reminders,  Inspirations.

Our Goal:  To provide a fun and safe place for youth to develop their talent.  You can trust that we respect the integrity of our students by using dance moves and costumes that are modest. Our music is positive and uplifting. We often use Christian music, especially for the Christmas show.  We strive for high level training in a balanced lifestyle.  We believe we are training up tomorrow’s leaders.

What to wear to class                  
Shorts, sweats or athletic pants (yoga or leggings) A top or leotard that will stay in place while upside down.  We don’t wanna see bellies, bras, or panties.  Barefoot, no socks, no skirts, no tights.  Put hair up.  We have tutus for little ones to dance in. 
     Some groups need shoes, check with your teacher or front desk. (Cheer, jazz, tap)

1.        Pay the year in total and receive a 10% discount. 
2.        Choose a card that we can keep on file and run the last Thursday of each month. 
3.       If cash or check, tuition is due before each month begins.  “Farber Productions”
4.       Give a 2 week notice for withdrawal.

RECITALS   Two shows per year… We wear our costumes twice!   PERFORMERS GET MEDALS AND TROPHIES !

Christmas Show Sunday, December 10th Westfield High School  3:00  
June Recital 18,19,20,21 Westfield High School- 6:30    

Recital early payment discount= $180.00 by Sept. 28.    
$200 if paid after Sept. 28.   
May be paid in installments.    1/3 Sept. 28, Nov. 30, Feb 28.

Covers both recitals, costume,  free admission for all your friends and family, choreography, music, bows, and props.
Discount for second student (or class) per family is =$70.00.
Add on Tap= $35 Add on Super Hero U=$25   (SHU only - $60 for each show, tee shirt purchase required)
June recital only=$130 by Feb 28.
We are often open even when school is not, including some snow days and holidays.

Fall Break
Presidents Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Spring Break

Sept 2-4 for Labor Day Weekend
Nov 23-25 for Thanksgiving Weekend
Dec 23-29 Christmas Break
May 26-28 Memorial Day Weekend
Oct-31 for Halloween

Make up classes may be requested  if the student is going to miss 2 or more classes in a month.  Sorry, no tuition deduction for poor attendance, vacations, or holidays.

July is flex schedule – you choose when to attend and work around your vacation.

Class Descriptions 2017-18

     Super Hero University – Strength / Sports Readiness / Tumbling

Age 3 (turn  4 by August 1st )   
    Twinkle Stars -Combo class gymnastics/Dance - 30 min. class

PK Minimum age 4 - (Will start kindergarten fall 2018)   
      Twinkle Stars -Combo class gymnastics/Dance - 30 min. class
      Glitters - Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer Combo Class- 45 min. class
Grades K-1
Level 1
    Glitters - Gymnastics, Dance Cheer Combo Class- 45 min. class
Level 2
    Can stay with Glitters or join…
    Dazzle -  - Tumble/Dance/Tap (Dance company prep) 1 ½ hr class-2nd night tumble discounted to add
    Rockets - Tumble/Cheer  - non competitive - prep team- 1 ½ hr class - 2nd night tumble discounted to add
    Tumble Class- 45 min class
    Flipettes - Dance Company (local meets)- 2 nights 1 ½ hrs each
    Pop Stars - Tumble, Dance, Cheer Combo Class- 45 min class - approved 1st grader

Grades 2-4   (and approved 1st graders)
Level 1
    Pop Stars - Tumble, Dance, Cheer Combo Class- 45 min class
    Tumble Class - 45 min class
Level 2
     Pop Stars -Tumble, Dance, Cheer Combo Class- 45 min class
     Dazzle - Tumble/Dance/Tap (Dance company prep)1 ½ hr class-2nd night tumble discounted to add
     Rockets - Tumble/Cheer  - non competitive - prep team,1 ½ hr class-2nd night tumble discounted to add
     FXC - Blaze Competitive Cheer Team (Local meets)
     Hot Shots Dance Company (Local meets)2 nights 1 ½ hrs each
     Tumble Class - 45 min  (great as an add-on second day)
Grades 5-8   (and approved 4th graders)
   Tumble Class 45 min.
   Jets- Tumble/Cheer Team (non- competitive)1 ½ hr class-2nd day tumble discounted to add
   Glow Stars- Tumble/Dance/Tap (Dance company prep)1 ½ hr class-2nd day tumble discounted add
   FXC - Flames Competitive Cheer Team (3 Local meets) 2 days 1 ½ hr each
   Hot Shots or Lightning Dance Company (3 Local meets) 2 nights 1 ½ hrs each
   Jazz Class 30 min.
   Tap Class 30 min

Schedule 17-18            Starts August 5th

Saturday 12:30-1:00
Tuesday 5:15-5:45
(Sisters) Wednesday 4:15-4:45
Thursday 4:00-4:30

Saturday 12:30-1:15
Monday 5:30-6:15  FULL
(Sisters) Wednesday 4:15-5:00
Wednesday 6:30-7:15 FULL
Thursday 4:00-4:45
Thursday 6:45-7:15

Pop Stars
Saturday 1:15-2:00
Monday 4:45-5:30
(Sisters) Wednesday 4:15-5:00
Wednesday 7:15-8:00
Thursday 5:45-6:30

Tumble (Add on tumble $40,  or tumble only $70)
Saturday 11:15-12:00
Tuesday 6:30-7:15
Wednesday 5:00-5:45
Thursday 7:30-8:15

Thursday 4:30 - 6:15

Monday 6:15 - 7:45 

Glow Stars 
Wednesday 5:00-6:30

Thursday 7:00-8:30

Jazz Grades 4-up
Wednesday 7:45-8:15

Monday 7:45-8:15    (Advanced - invitation only)
Wednesday 5:30-6:00  (Grades 4-up)
Thursday 5:45-6:15  (Grades 1-4)

Super Hero University (SHU)  (Boys) Strength/ Sports Readiness/Tumble
Tuesday 5:45

Tuition -  Per Family

1st class
2nd class
each additional



1st class
as a 2nd class
as a 3rd class


$99- $130.00

$99 - $130.00
DAZZLE AND ROCKETS (taking both)
GLOW STARS AND JETS (taking both)