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Sunday, June 18, 2017



Find your name on the enclosed program for your performance day.
Let us know if there is a problem in the line-up or you have a quick costume change.

Set One – THURSDAY JUNE 22 6:30  Set One is mostly Monday and Tuesday classes. 

Set Two – FRIDAY JUNE 23 6:30  Set Two is mostly Wednesday and Thursday classes. 

~Enter doors labeled GATE 1 or GATE 5.  Arrive in hair, and makeup, and costume.

~Be seated in the audience with your parents by 6:30.
 (Or If you are in the first 3 groups be backstage by 6:00.  These groups are Flyers, Jets, Flipettes)

~We will call your class back over the microphone.  One parent escort the student to backstage and leave her with us then and go back and watch from the audience.

~When your daughter comes off stage meet her in the hallway by the dressing rooms and to bring her to the audience with you. 

~If you have a costume change for another dance, do it immediately.  However, please don’t hang around backstage.  We need to keep the back hallway clear. No males in the dressing rooms.

~You are welcome to stay and watch, or quietly leave after your performer is done.  Remember, it is inspirational and educational for beginners to observe advanced performance groups.

~ We have parents who have been in many of our programs and they would be happy to help you.

Stay seated when each group is performing, 
never block the stage view of others.

You are welcome to photograph and video your performer (no flash) as long as you don’t block the view of others or come to the front of the stage.  Also share them on Farber’s Facebook page.

DVD’s of the entire show are available for only $20.00 and are a fundraiser for the gym.  - Remember no one will be at the gym phone so use email for questions.  If you have to miss the show for any reason please let us know asap!

View the show line up at during the show

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