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Monday, July 18, 2011

What to Wear To Class

HAIR - Our of face, off of shoulders, no plastic or metal that could hurt scalp.

Girls ... please wear a leotard to class. AND please also wear shorts or sweats over your leotard.  Or wear a top tight enough that is stays down when you go upside down.

We dance barefooted.  No TIGHTS unless they are "convertible" and pull up off the foot.  Some advanced classes require dance shoes. Ask teacher.

Tap shoes - oxford style (lace up) Black. Make sure they are fairly stiff soled and heavy so you can balance on your toe. Don't get them too big because that makes it really hard to make the correct tap sounds. Make sure the heels don't slip when walking. We can check them before you wear them.
One of our Jasmine Princesses for recital '13. A dance/tumble routine.

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